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Splicing Grille

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Product Detail

The splicing grille is a polymer plastic material, including the grille body. The grille body is designed with stiffeners combining into various geometric patterns. The edge of the grille body is provided with the female buckle, and the corresponding edge of the female buckle is designed with the child buckle. The advantages of this utility model are that multiple individuals with the same shape and structure can be conveniently and rapidly buckled together during the use, and then the edges and corners can be buckled together, so as to form a fine platform for exhibition quickly without the use of tools or excavation of ground. It is easy to install and remove, so it is very suitable for the surface pavement of temporary fields, such as exhibition and exhibition hall. Furthermore, it is light weight, compact structure and easy to handle.


Scope of Application of Products


The splicing grille is widely applied in the floor decoration and drainage for car washing, floor pavement of car beauty workshop, floor decoration and pavement of car film workshop, car 4S shop model show, garage floor decoration, home balcony, balcony, toilet, swimming pool, public places, bathing center, exhibition booth construction and floor pavement.


Features of splicing grille products

I. Excellent decorative effect and designability

1. The single splicing grille is of the regular 3D diamond geometric pattern with strong stereoscopic perception and abundant expression.

2. It is rich in color, and many colors can be selected.

3. The splicing grille with various colors can be spliced and combined, to provide excellent designability.

4. The 3D geometric structure can produce unused visual effect according to the intensity of light.

II. Strong load-carrying capacity

1. The polymer plastic materials are used, which is low ductility and high wear resistance.

2. The spliced grille structure is excellent pressure conductivity, there are many supporting points, and it has the strong load-carrying capacity.

III. Anti-skid function

1. The surface of spliced grille is treated by the grinding process, and the friction coefficient is high.

2. It is of the grille mesh structure, and there is not any water accumulation on the surface of splicing grille (liquid).

3. The surface structure is concave and convex, to provide excellent anti-skid effect.

IV. Drainage function

1. Integrated double-layer structure

2. The downward drainage outlets are densely distributed for the upper structure.

3. The hydrophobic diversion ditches and drainage outlets are regularly arranged for the lower structure.

4. The hydrophobic diversion ditches are connected with the drainage outlets after several splicing grilles are connected with each other.

V. Convenient, quick and simple construction

1. It is low requirement for original ground foundation, and only the basic leveling is required.

2. Convenient construction: No tool is required, and it can be installed by manual.

3. Quick construction: The installation can be completed per square meter within 1 minute after the simple explanation.

4. Simple construction: The splicing grilles are connected by the thick and large female clamp buckle, and it can be spliced by the children themselves.

VI. Chemical stability

1. Polymer plastic materials with chemical stability

2. Without adsorption to grease

3. Excellent corrosion resistance to weak acid and alkali

VII. Extensive Application

1. Indoors and outdoors, all-weather use

2. Without/with water ground use

3. Pedestrian and vehicle parking

4. Fast ground decoration

5. Rapid hardening of soft ground, such as meadow

6. High person traffic places

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