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Sand-laid Grille

The grille is the FRP grille plate with many regular
rectangular and square spaces that is interweaved
by the glass fiber and molded by the resin casting,
and it has the mechanical characteristics of
bidirectional homogeneity.
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The grille is the FRP grille plate with many regular rectangular and square spaces that is interweaved by the glass fiber and molded by the resin casting, and it has the mechanical characteristics of bidirectional homogeneity. It can be widely used in the working platform, equipment platform, drilling platform and walkway of the petroleum, chemical electronics, electric power, paper industry, printing and dyeing, electroplating, marine exploration and sewage treatment industries. The grille is an ideal product in the corrosive environment, and is also suitable for the civil construction facilities.

Water treatment in application situations: Access road, sewer cover plate, large container, cleaner, trash rack, water trough, biochemical water treatment tank hanger, ventilation window, staircase and cooling tower

Chemical plant of operating table pavement: Stair board, operating platform, guardrail, double deck terrace, trench cover plate and filter grille petroleum industry


Offshore oil platform textile mill: Replace the metal grille and wooden platform, and cover the cement pavement, bleaching and dyeing cylinder, floor and this valve

Power plant: Trench cover plate and wastewater pool in chemical water workshop

Metal surface treatment: Pickling fluid place, alternative wooden flooring around machines, highly corrosive container, galvanizing line walkway and double deck ground

Marine food processing plant: Harsh environment, such as smooth surface

Ship transportation: Platform, ship deck, walkway and stair board

Beverage industry: Stair board, alternative expensive stainless steel and terrace with load

Pulp and processing plant: Stair board and floor slab, terrace walkway and place with high humidity

Electronics industry: Trench cover plate, pickling workshop, antistatic (antistatic grille) and high cleanliness workshop

Meat processing plant: Corrosive ground, staircase, slippery floor operating platform and stair board

Others: Corrosion resistant shelf, decoration, square fountain, scaffold, civil building facilities, aquaculture fence and double deck floor

Operating platform: Many chemical plants provide a large number of operating platforms, and the operating platform that uses the FRP grille as the pavement materials is corrosion resistance, paint free, maintenance free and long service life, and can be used for 15 - 20 years. It is light weight, which is reduced by 3/4 of its weight compared to the steel products. Therefore, the lifting equipment is not required during the installation, and it is more appropriate to be used as the operating platform to support the equipment. It is very convenient to cut and open the FRP grille, the arc cutting saw can be used to conveniently cut the opening, so as to meet the requirements for the installation of equipment, and it will not change the mechanical properties of the grille due to the opening, or cause the scattering of grille. For the mobile operating platform, the lightweight FRP grille is more suitable. Furthermore, the proper design makes the FRP grille with appropriate elasticity, and can reduce the fatigue of the staff working on it for a long time and improve the work efficiency, so it is the ideal material for the operating platform.

Walkway: There are often many walkways in the factories (such as chemical plants, and iron and steel plants). Some walkways are the channel between equipment, and some walkways are used for the patrol inspection. These walkways are usually made of the round steel by the welding. For the corrosion, the anticorrosive coatings shall be applied annually. For the walkways made of FRP grilles, the maintenance and treatment are not required, and they can not only keep the bright color of walkways for a long time, but also makes the structure of walkways lightweight. With the anti-skid sand-laid surface, it is the best choice for the outdoor walkway in the ice and snow season in North China.

Trench cover plate: There are a large number of trenches in the electrolysis workshop of many chemical plants and metallurgical plants, the chemical treatment workshop of power plants, the pickling workshop of electroplating plant, storage battery factory and machinery works, as well as the pharmaceutical plant, printing and dyeing mill and salt mine. There are the corrosive liquids in most of trenches, and the traditional trenches are provided with the grille welded by the angle steel and flat iron, the cast iron grille and the cement cover plate, which are not resistant to corrosion and may be damaged after several months or years, and the workshop is fragmented. The use of FRP grille can solve the corrosion problem very well, and it is convenient to discharge the sewage into the ditch. Furthermore, it is also convenient to observe the situation in the ditch at any time.


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